Escape the Snowpocalypse!

So I was in Providence, RI this week and scheduled to fly out of Boston this evening. Really need to make it as my flight to Hawaii is tomorrow morning. Wouldn’t ya know the biggest storm in about 35 years is heading this way… Here we go:

Step 1 – change flight to an earlier one. Check.
And thanks to Delta for waiving the change fees! My original flight for this evening was already cancelled last night.
Step 2 – check flight status at least hourly. Check.
Step 3-15 – repeat step 2. Check.
Step 16 – Drive to Boston. Check.
Snow just starting in Providence when I hit the road. Very strange feeling in Boston – the least traffic I’ve ever seen here and airport is very quiet. As of 10:30 there is a light but steady snow falling…
Step 17 – wait and hope things hold out for a couple more hours. Updates to come…
Step 18 – Get on board. Last flight out before the airport shuts down. Check!
Step 19 – in my seat and ready to go. Check!
Step 20 – De-ice, taxi to runway, have co-pilot examine wings, get report on runway condition, spool up the engines and roll. Wheels up. Check.
Step 21 – exhale.

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