​Relieved to be on Vacation!

It was a very close call getting out of Boston before the storm yesterday. A short time after closing the door they reopened it for “updated information”. Lots of people wondering if that meant cancelled – turned out to be a straggler getting on board.

After leaving the gate we had to be de-iced and only then did we taxi out to the runway. Then, a first in my experience, the co-pilot actually came into the cabin to have a look at all the flight surfaces. Then they got updated reports on the condition of the runway. Finally they throttled up the engines and we were off. Only then was I sure I was headed for Hawaii;-).
We were the last flight out of Logan and there was not a single plane left on the ground. Kind of an eerie experience.  Anyway, I’m just sitting in the plane getting ready to take off on the first leg of my trip. Next stop – LAX.
14:34 PST – Reboarded the plane after 1 and a half hour layover at LAX. First offering on board – Mai Tais; welcome to the tropics!

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