​Zion National Park – Day 1

I flew into Las Vegas yesterday afternoon, thinking I might take in a show before heading over to Zion today. However after getting the last of my camping supplies and grabbing a bite to eat, I decided to just hang out at the hotel. So I got a good nights sleep and was on the road shortly after 9 am. Puts me into Zion shortly before noon barring any stops.

So I stopped for some snacks and bottled water just to make life easy in camp. And once again Time Zones have affected a National Parks trip… OK, it’s really not a big deal in this case, but for future reference, Las Vegas is in the Pacific Time Zone and Utah is in the Mountain Time Zone. So I pulled into the campground (glad that I made my reservation 6 months ago!) around 1:30 this afternoon local time.

Got my tent setup and all my gear situated and then just had a look around the campground. I’m in the Watchman campground which is adjacent to the entrance to the park and the visitor center. Just outside the gate is the town of Springdale. They have an IMAX film about the park, surrounding area and early inhabitants – rather cheesy but so be it. They’re also showing Guardians of the Galaxy in the evenings so I may take that in one evening.

So for now it’s time to make some dinner and then decide whether or not to go see a movie. One things for sure, this is the sight I’ll be waking up to tomorrow:

View from my campsite

View from my campsite

On the agenda for tomorrow is the hike to Angels Landing which offers spectacular views overlooking the canyon. First shuttle departs at 7:30 – don’t think I’ll be aboard that one!

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