Point Reyes National Seashore

Well, I’m back in the Bay area this week to wrap up some stuff.  I came out on a Sunday again in order to take in some more sights.  This time I decided to visit Point Reyes National Seashore.  The route there took me past Muir Woods so I got to drive the twisty Hwy 1 drive – lots of fun.  Oh, and my rental car this week is a Beetle convertible!

I stopped at the Muir Beach scenic overlook but it was still really foggy so there wasn’t too much to see.  Then it was up into the seashore.  I stopped at the visitor center first and took a quick stroll through the “earthquake trail”.  The San Andreas fault runs through this area and there is a fence that was broken during the 1906 earthquake – the two sections are separated by about 16 feet – which is how far the fault slipped.

From there I drove out to the lighthouse and made the walk up to the visitor center.  From there it is 300 some steps down to the lighthouse on the other side of the point.  Then back up again.  It was incredibly windy and still foggy.  Once down at the lighhouse it clears up for some great views of the coast.

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