On the road again

Like my 2006 road trip, this one too is beginning on a rainy note.  Hopefully, the rest of the trip will see sunny skies, or it could be a long two weeks;-)  I’ve just finished packing the car and trailer and am getting ready to hit the road in just a little while.  This first leg on the way to Mammoth Cave is going to be an overnighter.  I figure I’ll drive for about 4-5 hours and then break for a couple.  It’s about 13 hours to Mammoth Cave, so with breaks I’m figuring to be there sometime late Sunday morning.  I’m going to try to take some tour through the cave and then get to my camp site and relax.  Monday will be a short hop over to Great Smoky Mountains which is where I’m staying until Thursday when I will head to Georgia and then on to Florida on Friday.  The launch is still on for Saturday the 13th.  Unless I happen across some wifi access, this will be the only post until Thursday when I reach the the KOA campground in Georgia.

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