Day 6 – final leg to KSC

So today was a driving day from Cordele, GA to Titusville, FL near Kennedy Space Center.  I got here just after 4 this afternoon and got my camp situated, and now I’m sitting in the shade updating my blog and sweating profusely.  Supposedly it’s 89 degrees, but it feels like about 120 to me!  OK, the heat index says 96, for whatever that’s worth…

Anyway, I can’t handle this heat and it doesn’t look my campsite will have shade for a couple of hours.  So, like last night, I’;m going to go sit in the air conditioned comfort of a movie theater for several hours!  It works out fine, because I have to be at the space center by 2:30 a.m. anyway.  The launch is scheduled for 7:17 Saturday morning (Eastern time) – so they make sure everyone is there early in order to load up the buses and get people to the viewing site.  Hopefully they get us out there before sun-up, some pictures of the launch pad all lit up should be pretty cool.

That’s all for now, more to come after lift-off tomorrow!

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