Days 11&12 – end of the line

After the scrub of the launch on Wednesday morning I got a few hours of sleep and then hit the road about 11 o’clock.

While reviewing the route I realized that swinging through St. Louis would add less than a hundred miles to my route.  Having driven past the Gateway Arch numerous times and never stopping, I decided to make a stop there.


After driving all day Wednesday and catching a few zzzs at a rest stop in Kentucky I arrived at the arch at 10 a.m. on Thursday.  I snapped a few pictures and took the ride up to the top – it is a very impressive structure.  There’s actually quite a bit to see in the visitor area, but I had stretched my legs enough, so I got back on the road just after noon.

So the final leg of my trip from St. Louis to home took about 12 hours, including stops.  I walked in my door just after midnight after being on the road for 36 hours – man I’m beat!

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