Washington D.C., Day 3

Got up, packed, and had breakfast.  Left the hotel about 10 (a bit later than I intended…) and took the train over to Arlington Cemetery.  Saw the Kennedy grave sites, tomb of the unknown + changing of the guard, the mast from the USS Maine, lots of headstones.  Didn’t get to see Arlington House as I was running short on time.


Left there about 1 o’clock – you could easily spend an entire day just wandering around.  Made it back to the train station, back to my car and headed to the airport for my 3:15 flight.  It was close, I got to the gate about 5 minutes before boarding – closer than I like to be.  Had a 3.5 hour layover in St. Louis and got home about 10 o’clock.  I’ll have to make it back there sometime to see the Smithsonian…

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