Frontenac State Park

This morning I decided to take a drive down to Frontenac State Park which is a little over an hour from my house and just south of Red Wing, MN.  It rained all day Saturday, so I was ready to get out of the house for some fresh air.  It was a little cool on the drive down – in the Solstice with the top down, but well worth it.  By the time I pulled into the park a little after 10, most of the clouds were gone and it was warming up nicely.  It was in the low-mid 70s while I was hiking – perfect!  I strolled along the trails along Lake Pepin and just enjoyed listening to all the birds and other critters in the woods.  I saw a couple of golden eagles and some sort of snake was sunning itself right behind my car when I got back to it.  It decided to get out of the way when I got close enough.


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