New Blog Site!

With the latest updates to Mac OS X comes more changes to old things.

I updated to Mountain Lion when it was released this past July. As part of this, as advertised, the former MobileMe service was being discontinued and replaced with the new iCloud. This meant no more publishing to the Apple hosted site which I had used in parallel with my own server. That was really a non-issue for me. However, there are also some quirks with the iWeb software that I use to create my website and blog. They’ve become a bit too annoying to deal with while regularly updating the blog. I can deal with it for the occasional site update. My iWeb version is a couple of years old, and I could try updating but don’t really want to shell out the money since from what I’ve gathered on-line the latest release has the same issues.

So, I finally made the plunge with WordPress. And I must say, even with this being my first post – I’m very impressed with the software. It took a little effort – to find all the right tips;-) – but I’ve got it running and didn’t kill my old sites 😉

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