A Day at the Aquarium

Back in Boston on Tuesday evening in order to do some work Wednesday thru Friday. I’d always wanted to visit the New England Aquarium so decided rather than trying to rush out on Friday I’d spend the night and visit the aquarium on Saturday. Unfortunately I didn’t think to check out the website until after I booked my flight.

As it turns out the aquarium is under construction at the moment. They are actually in the process of renovatingupgrading the main Ocean Tank exhibit. That was a little disappointing but gives me a reason for a return visit.

As I’d had early starts every day – including 6:30 yesterday morning I slept in this morning. Up around 8:30 and then out of the hotel just after 10. After a wrong turn out of the parking ramp made it to the aquarium about 11. Opted to include an IMAX movie at noon (Deep Sea 3D).

I managed to see most of the exhibits in the hour before the movie and then went back in to see the section I missed. My favorites were the Sea Dragons and Sea Horses. I wrapped up there at about 1 o’clock – I’m sure with the Ocean Tank open easily a couple more hours could be spent and is probably quite immersive as the other exhibits spiral up around it. Oh well, maybe next time.

From the aquarium I headed across the street to the Granary Tavern, which I had spotted on my wrong turn, for lunch. I had a bowl of clam chowder, not the best I’ve had, and a Garlic Sausage flatbread that was fantastic.

Garlic Sausage Flatbread

Garlic Sausage Flatbread

Along with a couple of Whale’s Tails ales – quite refreshing;-).

When I wrap up with lunch I’ll be heading to the airport and will hang out there for a couple hours before my flight. Was upgraded to first class on the way home and unlike a couple of weeks ago have no worries about getting out of town tonight. Despite the storm that blew thru here Thu-Fri, today there is a beautiful blue, cloud-free sky and the snow is melting fast.

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