New York City

For my 40th birthday mom wanted to take me to New York.  She found a trip for December and convinced Jerry and Liz & John to join us.  So on Friday the 13th – that’s not a bad omen;-) we headed to NYC!  Mom left from Fargo, she met Jerry and I at MSP and we flew into LaGuardia where we met Liz & John – and the other 45 people on the tour.

We were met by a motor coach and headed into the city.  We made a short stop at Rockefeller Center to snap some pictures of the giant Christmas Tree (45k lights!) and the skating rink (it’s surprisingly small).

From there we headed for the Hotel Edison where we spent the weekend.  It’s just a half block off of Times Square so we were in the center of all the action.  After dropping off our bags, we had a little time before the dinner plans at the Novotel but decided to head over early and have a drink.  We had a nice dinner and from there headed over to the Broadway Theater for a performance of Cinderella.  The show was amazing!

Had been a long day so was glad to make it back to the hotel and crash.

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