2014 NCAA MIDWEST REGIONAL Men’s Hockey Tournament

Since I was working in Michigan this week and it was a relatively short drive down to Cincinnati, I decided to attend the regional tournament that UND was assigned to last week.  I drove down on Friday afternoon after wrapping up work.  I missed the Ferris State-Colgate game but arrived about 45 minutes before the UND-Wisconsin game. Perfect!

UND never trailed Friday night but it was a nail-biter down to the end.  UND took the lead 3-2 with 1:44 left to play and managed to put in 2 empty-netters to make the final score look more lop-sided than the game really was.  That’s the thanks Wisconsin gets for winning last week, ensuring UND’s spot in the tourney;-)

That victory certainly made the trip worthwhile since I would not have to endure a game I had no interest in.  Saturday night’s championship game against Ferris State is sure to be an instant classic.  They traded goals in the 2nd period and wrapped up regulation tied 1-1. Overtime proceeded with no scoring but finally 1:28 into the second OT, UND put in the game-winner.  It was finally one of those somewhat lop-sided games that went UND’s way as our goaltender was the one with the ridiculous number of saves – 44 I think was the final tally.

All in all a great weekend in Cincinnati.  Tomorrow I’ll head back up to MI and catch my flight home!

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