Another new site…

Another Mac Server update and yet more trouble with it.  As much as I like Apple and Macs and iPhones, etc., Apple’s server app is not among these.  With every update it seems something breaks and requires tedious hours to try to track down a solution to get my services up and running again.  This time takes the cake – the app won’t even start on the computer it’s running on.  I could access it remotely from another computer which said various services were running, however nothing worked!

So, I’ve made the decision to bail on the OS X server app – too much trouble.  I’ve moved to a bitnami MAMP stack with WordPress running on top of that.  This post is based on this new setup and other than a few tweaks, it just worked!

Now starts the task of rebuilding the look and content of this site.  Since the old site is down, I don’t know how easy it will be to pull in the data or duplicate the contents.  I’ll also take the opportunity to consolidate posts and content from my older sites into this new one all under the same layout.  One step at a time though, for now I’m just happy to have something workable again.

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