Time to hit the road!

It’s T-minus about 11 and a half hours until my planned departure for my Western Road Trip 2006.

I’ve got my car about 90% packed – just have to throw the last few things in before I roll in the morning.  I had hoped to have a luggage rack to mount on the trunk, but the company making one specifically for the Solstice has been experiencing delays – it was supposed to be ready at the end of May, but as of today there’s still no confirmation.

So in order to make the room I need for all my stuff I ended up removing the passenger seat.  That made lots of usable room, so I’m good to go.  I just have to ignore the warning about having the airbag serviced – don’t worry, it’s just the passenger airbag that I had to disconnect when removing the seat.

Now that I see what I have packed, I don’t think the luggage rack would have been such a good thing anyway.  What I really need is a little trailer to pull behind…

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