Day 8 – From Utah to Nevada

Today was slated as a driving day, and that’s what I did.  I drove from Vernal, UT to Ely, NV which is a distance of 410 miles.

Driving west out of Vernal, the landscape slowly changes from the desolation of the scrub-land to the desolation of the the mountains.  Actually the mountain views leading up to Salt Lake City are really nice, unfortunately there are no places to safely pull aside as it’s just a two lane highway, so I wasn’t able to take many pictures here.  The only opportunity I had was to get a couple of shots of Wasatch Mountain near Daniels, UT.

After rolling through Park City, UT – where a lot of the 2002 Winter Olympic events were held the next stop was the Great Salt Lake. There’s actually not much to see from the road, but that’s OK.

My route took me close to the Bonneville Salt Flats and there is a rest stop conveniently located right along the southern edge.  I stopped there and snapped a few more photos.

From there it was a short hop over the border into Nevada and then it really got desolate. Today’s picture of the day shows pretty much what the drive down US93 from Wendover to Ely is like.  The views are actually pretty nice.

Lots of pictures to be posted soon.

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