Small town happenings

After spending the day at Great Basin, I was beat and didn’t feel like cooking so after cleaning up I decided to try the local Chinese restaurant which was recommended by one of the campground staff.

For all you inquiring minds, I had the Kung Pao Combination with shrimp, chicken and beef.  It was tasty!

Before heading back to the campground I decided to take a drive through Ely, just to see what kind of town it is.  It’s a town of about 5,000 including the surrounding areas.  As you can imagine, my drive through town took all of about 10 minutes.

As I was passing through downtown I noticed a big white truck with two guys playing music – one on guitar and the other on an electric fiddle.  They were playing “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” so I decided to stop and listen.  Turns out, it was a rally for Jack Carter for US Senate.  If you’re wondering if there’s any relation to that other Carter, you’re right, he’s Jimmy Carter’s oldest son.  There were only about 30-40 people there.  His wife wanted to give me a “Vote for Jack” sticker, but I told here I was from out of state.  Of course, she said they were going to be in Minnesota for a rally…  He seems like a good guy though – even if he is a Democrat.

Anyway, getting back to the music, the guy on the fiddle was fantastic and the other guy was pretty good too.  Jack even got up and played guitar on a couple of numbers.  The fiddler is Barry Van Wie if anyone’s interested.

I think they cut the music a bit short after Jack’s speech as it looked like some nasty weather was coming in.  I headed back to camp and am now hunkered in my tent.  The wind is blowing pretty good, but I don’t think we’re going to see any rain.

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