Day 18 – Driving

This morning wasn’t as cold as yesterday, I think it stayed in the 40s overnight.  I rolled out of the tent around seven and had everthing wrapped up and ready to roll by nine.  It was another 15 minutes before I got on the road as I had to stop and talk to a guy about my car as I walked out of the gas station.  I’ve only seen one other Solstice during my entire trip so far, but I’ve had lots of people stop and ask me how I like it and just to have a closer look:-)

Today was another driving day, planned from Crater Lake to Mountain Home, Idaho.  This was the longest planned day at almost 460 miles.  Eastern Oregon is mostly rural and there are not any direct routes east to west in the southern half of the state, which is where Crater Lake is located.  So it was a slow drive through Oregon, though the scenery was OK.

I stopped in Burns for lunch and had a look at the rest of today’s trip and checked tomorrows.  Tomorrow’s trip was longer than I remembered, so I decided to change things up a bit.  I decided to drive an extra 60 miles today and stop in Gooding, ID instead of Mountain Home.  This is 60 miles I don’t have to drive tomorrow and I also opted to stay in a motel tonight, which will save me about 2 hours in the morning, which is what it normally takes to break camp.  That will get me into West Yosemite earlier than planned, so I may be able to take a run through Grand Teton or a look at Old Faithful.  Time will tell.

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