Oh No!


So I made it to Florida last night anxiously awaiting the launch of STS-119.  I got to Kennedy Space Center around 11 in the morning, not too early since the launch was scheduled for 9:20.  I toured part of the visitor center, then had lunch with an astronaut (John Creighton) along with a couple hundred other people.  Then went to the ApolloSaturn exhibit where I snapped the picture of Discovery on the launchpad above.  It’s really there, just from the angle its mostly hidden by the gantry structure.  Leaving the Apollo exhibit I overheard some people talking about a scrub and then sure enough the bus driver confirmed.  At that time they were looking at a possible launch tomorrow night.


The fuel leak they discovered has now pushed the launch back to Sunday night at the earliest, but listening to the launch managers it sounds more like Monday, maybe…  It’s even possible that it could be delayed until April.  That would actually be best for me, since I can’t stay for even a Sunday launch – work responsibilities call – a delay until April might let me still make it back here for this mission.

We shall see…

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