Giving it another shot

So I’m going to give it another shot this year.  Endeavour is already on the launch pad as the emergency rescue shuttle for the Hubble Servicing Mission (STS-125).  The chance of delays should be minimized since it had to be ready to go in the event of damage to Atlantis during it’s mission.  The launch is currently scheduled for June 13.

I’m going back to Plan A, which is a road trip allowing me more flexibility in the event of delays.  I’m planning to take two or two and a half days to get to KSC.  Given enough time, I’ll try to swing through Great Smoky Mountain NP and Stone Mountain, GA.  If everything goes according to plan, after the launch I’ll head up the coast and spend a few days in D.C.  I’m thinking I’ll spend a day seeing the monuments and then a couple days at the Smithsonian before heading for home.

We’ll see how it goes…

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