T-9 minutes

So things were looking good with a 70% chance of favorable conditions at launch time of 7:13 p.m.  Unfortunately with the countdown clock holding at 9 minutes and about 15 minutes before scheduled launch time, they had to scrub the launch again as the weather encroached within the 20 mile limit of the runway and was approaching the 10 mile limit to the launch pad.


The streak is alive; 0 for 5!

I was fairly certain I would head home today, especially after the nearly 4 hour drive back to Orlando -it’s usually no more than an hour.  But after getting 4 hours of sleep when I got up to go to the airport I changed my mind.  I decided since I’ve still got a ticket and I’m here that I might as well give it one last shot.

So this is it for STS-127 for me – either I see them light it up tonight, or I’ll have to consider trying to come back for one of the remaining 7 missions.

Fingers crossed…

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