Take 5

So after yet another scrub due to weather at the 9 minute hold I’m now 0 for 6 in my launch viewing attempts.  The streaks gotta break sometime…

At least I’m no longer really disappointed by this.  I went to the launch today with no actual expectations of seeing a launch.  Despite the optimist in me, based on what happened yesterday, I truly expected the weather to be an issue.  I figured if it launched that would be spectacular, but I honestly didn’t expect it.  Even when the clouds were clearing and the announcer was saying he had a good feeling, I just looked at the clouds and thought,  “yeah, right”.


The best part came at T-9 minutes and holding with 10 minutes left in the hold – that’s 19 minutes to liftoff.  They were explaining over the PA that the lightning had just abated, but they needed a 30 minute window with no lightning to call it clear.  I had been talking with a couple of guys from Orlando and we just looked at each other and agreed “that’s pretty simple math”; – you can’t fit 30 into 19.  We started packing our gear while the countdown continued.  The crack of thunder shortly after sealed it.

After conducting the formal poll the launch was officially scrubbed a couple minutes later.  I was really planning to head home tomorrow convinced that I was done with this for the year, but… I just can’t let go, so I figure I’ll stick around for the last attempt this week on Wednesday.  If it doesn’;t go then I’ll pull the plug on this mission.  Maybe try for one next winter if it doesn’t go.  They’re now predicting improving weather for Wednesday, plus the launch is a bit earlier 6 p.m., so perhaps they’ll finally get off the ground!

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