No launch attempt today

So the next launch attempt is Wednesday evening – tomorrow, and I decided to stick it out.  It’s getting stupid now, but I’m committed.  Weather forecast calls for better than an even chance of getting off the ground tomorrow, so what the heck.

That left today wide open, so I decided on Sea World.  There were several nice shows, including Shamu, seen in the picture on this page.  Of course, lots of animal exhibits.  The best, was probably the dolphin nursery.  They had several mothers, a couple of two year old dolphins and some newborns that were just a few months old in a separate location.  It was amazing to see even these tiny little ones leaping out of the water;-)


They also had a couple of nice roller coasters, the Kraken, and Manta.  Manta is the newest, it’s a suspended coaster, meaning you’re hanging from the track rather than sitting on it.  Additionally, once you’;re strapped in, the cars get rotated upwards so that you’re in a “flying” position, head first up the track.  It was awesome, especially the inside loop when you literally dive towards the ground.  It just wasn’t long enough.  I actually liked the Kraken better, it was also a steel coaster, but without cars, just seats going across in rows.  It was also quite a bit longer than Manta and had lots of unexpected twists and turns, very fun!

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