Russia 2019 – Day 9 – MS Rostropovich

Today was a lazy day as the ship was working to catch up on our itinerary. Breakfast was at the same time followed by another Russian history lesson, this time from the revolution up to present day. Then an hour break before a discussion on modern day Russia with our tour guide Ivan. Then it was on to lunch and then about three hours before our visit to the village of Goritsy.

Goritsy is a small village of about 600 people. We visited the elementary school and then a local home of Galinda and Leonid. We then visited the local church and convent. The boat had been repositioned downstream a bit so we were bussed to the new location.

View from the chapel overlooking the river.

Then back on board we had a quick cocktail g eat together with the group, then a vodka tasting before dinner. As I haven’t slept well on the boat, I’m hoping all the alcohol lets me finally get some rest tonight.

Clear, honey-pepper, and cranberry vodkas – oh boy…

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