Russia 2019 – Day 10 – MS Rostropovich

Finally got some sleep last night, I think, as I woke about about 6:30 feeling fairly well rested. Caught a few YouTube videos, then showered and was down for breakfast at 8. After breakfast headed down for the last day of Russian history session. Covered the period from Stalin up to present day. The session started with a clip of Trevor Noah’s stand-up routine about Russian accents.

The scheduled Russian language class was apparently cancelled for some reason which was both a relief and disappointment. We docked in the town of Uglich at about noon. We made a visit to a local couple’s house where they shared with us a traditional Russian visitors snack of pickles, potatoes and bread to accompany a few shots of home brew vodka followed by tea and apple cake.

From there we were dropped off in the town square where we free to wander around before heading back to the boat. I found a couple of war memorials that I snapped a few pictures.

Then it was back to the boat where we had an afternoon tea lesson with snacks. We then met with Ivan to discuss plans for the next few days in Moscow. Then it was on to dinner, I skipped the captains fairwell cocktail, and back to the room. As I’m writing this we are passing through the last lock on the Volga river as we prepare to enter the Moscow canal for the homestretch so to say.

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