Evening on the Prairie

Despite my late departure, and thanks to changing time zones I arrived at my first stop in Midland, SD at 6 pm.  Only 1.5 hours behind “schedule”.  I’ve got my camp set up and am pretty comfortable.  Got the iPod going for tunes and I’m sitting here posting things and surfing the internet.  Not too bad.  That is, if I ignore the sweat running down my neck. Even though it doesn’t seem that bad, it is 97 degrees!!!.  That’s down from the 109 degrees initially reported by my Weatherbug software when I first logged on about a half hour ago.  There had been a nice breeze that was keeping it bearable as I set up my tent, but that’s pretty much gone now.  There are some big clouds brewing to my northeast, I hope they keep moving that direction.

I’ll be crawling off to roast in my tent in a little while.  I hope I can get some sleep.  I’ll be getting up at the crack of dawn to watch the shuttle landing, which is supposed to be a little after 7 – Eastern Time, so I have to get up around 5 – some vacation!

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