Day 3

It was a beautiful morning in the Black Hills.  I woke up at 6 intending to break camp and get an early start – but I fell asleep.  Not for too long though, I was up at 7 in time to get to the All You Could Eat pancakes before the crowd converged – I don’t know how people can eat more than the first serving – three big cakes!  They had a neat contraption for dispensing 5 equally sized pancakes onto the griddle at once, so they must be able to really go when they need to.

Anyway, I did get on the road by about 8:30, which was earlier than planned so that was nice.  Also, it was cool enough and it wasn’t too windy yet so I finally got to drop the top on the convertible.  Sweet!!  I did have to put it back up about 11 o’clock though, as it was just getting too hot and windy, it was again in the 90s through Wyoming and into CO.  It’s supposed to be a bit cooler here the next couple days – time will tell.  It wasn’t on the agenda, but as I drove right past it, I stopped at the Crazy Horse Monument as you can surmise from the previous posting.  I just wanted the picture though, so I didn’t actually spend any time at the visitor center.  I really wonder if it will ever get finished, it doesn’t look any different to me now then the first time I was there – about 20 years ago.  I hope they do finish it and as intended since it would definitely be impressive.

As this day was only planned to get me from Mt Rushmore to Estes Park in Colorado, I didn’t make any other stops along the way except for gas and other necessities.  I took some video clips of the highway along the way just to show you the exciting scenery in Wyoming.  Also there was a big fire near Lost Springs, WY – probably a grass fire.  I took a few clips of that as well.  I’ll  try to post those today.  As I have power at my campsite here in CO, I’ll also be posting more pictures from yesterday on the WRT2006 page later tonight.  I’m just relaxing at the camp tonight as it was a long day of driving.

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