Day 4 – so it can rain

Got up to another beautiful morning today.  I hadn’t actually slept much since the campground is right next to one of the main highways going through Estes Park, oh well the morning was sunny and cool.  By the time I made breakfast and got everything squared away at my campsite it was starting to warm up.

I left about 9 o’clock with the top down.  I entered the park and picked up a map, not really sure where I wanted to go.  I spent about an hour just driving around and taking pictures.  I settled on hiking the Bierstadt Lake trail as it sounded like a nice hike to start things off, only 1.2 miles (one way).  However, what the signs don’t specify is that the first .8 miles is an uphill climb.  It was worth it though, as I was rewarded with some spectacular views along the climb and then lunch next to a beautiful alpine lake.

By the time I got back to my car it was really warm, but I put the top down anyway and just went for a drive to the end of the road I was on and then back down to the visitor center.  By the time I came out of there, it was looking like rain and the first drops started as I pulled out of the parking lot.  A nice thundershower quickly became a downpour.  I got back to my campsite and sat in the car until it let up then crawled into the tent for a nap – I’m on vacation remember.  It rained for about 3 hours and then finally stopped and I was able to assess the damage.  Not too bad, just a few things got a bit damp but they’re drying out now.

I think I’ll go find someplace to eat – I don’t feel like dealing with the wetness and it looks like it could rain some more yet this evening anyway.

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