Zip Lines & Aloha

Last day on Kauai…

Jerry and I went on a zip line adventure today. It consisted of 8 zip lines and 1 rappelling line plus a T-bar zip over a natural pool that we both skipped. The longest zip line was 1800 feet long. All of them were a lot of fun. Only problem is that they are too quick to really enjoy the view so you have to settle on enjoying the ride!

The location of the zip lines was on Kipu Ranch where numerous movies have been filmed including Jurassic Park and one of my all time faves Raiders of the Lost Ark! The tour wrapped up just before 3 in the afternoon. From there it was back home to clean up and pack.

We had a very nice dinner, some ice cream at Lappert’s and then it was off to the airport for me.


Touring the North Shore of Kauai

Today Liz, John, Jerry and I took a tour up the north coast of Kauai.  The highlights included the Kilauea Point Lighthouse and a view of taro fields.  On the way back we stopped at the Spouting Horn, another highlight of Kauai.  From there it was off to an early birthday dinner for Jerry.

A Little Paddling

Today Liz, Jerry and I went on a kayakhike tour.  We drove up to the Waipu River State Park area and met up with our guide at an historic Hawaiin village.  From there we drove to the other side of the river and pushed off in our kayaks.  We paddled upstream about 1 and a half miles and from there hiked about a mile into the Sacred Waterfall – finally a real waterfall!  Prior to meeting at the village we stopped at an overlook on another waterfall (the first images in the following gallery).

Horsing around

Today Jerry, Liz and I went on a 3 hour horseback ride up on the north side of the island at Silver Falls Ranch.  We took the Silver Falls Ride which included lunch and an option to swim below the falls which we all passed on.  We were the only ones in the group and our guide Lorie was terrific.

Jerry was riding Keiki, Liz was on Nikoli(sp), and I was riding Wheels!

​Waimea Canyon and Waipo’o Falls

Today we took a drive up Waimea Canyon which is billed as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.  It’s a beautiful drive with several nice overlooks.  For anyone who has been to the actual Grand Canyon this is really no comparison, but it is certainly worth the time to have a look if you’re on Kauai.

After taking the entire drive we then drove back down and stopped at the trailhead to Waipo’o Falls.  It’s about a 3 mile round trip down partway into the canyon.  There’s actually very little water in most cases so it was a bit disappointing in terms of a waterfall, but still worth the effort.

A view of the upper cascades of Waipo’o Falls in Waimea Canyon

Whale watching off Kauai

​There be whales here!


It was an early start to get to the whale watching tour – out the door at about 6:15 in order to get down to the launch set for 7:30.  We set sail (OK we motored) on the catamaran Lucky Lady for a tour of the Na Pali coast on what turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day.  Yesterday it rained off and on all day on Kauai, but Jerry picked the right day for this trip!

We saw several turtles, 3 bottlenose dolphins, a huge number of spinner dolphins, and lots of whales including several calves.  There was an option for snorkeling at the end but both Jerry and I opted out of that as the water was still pretty choppy and didn’t look to me like there was much to see.  The tour wrapped up around 1:30 and we headed back to house.

Tomorrow is a day without any specific plans so I get to sleep in!  Probably taking a short hike somewhere, but we shall see.