Russia 2019 – Day 15 – Homeward Bound, Part 2

Up at five, on the shuttle bus at 5:50, in line at 6:10, at the gate at 7:00. We’re not missing this flight!

The flight to Chicago was uneventful, but on arrival we were in for a couple of curveballs. First off, when we departed Moscow early Monday morning we had received a bag breakfast from the hotel since we departed before breakfast was available. Included in the bag was an apple. I ate mine at the airport in Moscow. Not sure what everyone else ended up doing with theirs – until now. While waiting for our bags in the customs claims area, the beagle brigade came through and sniffed something in Doug’s carry-on. Yep – he hadn’t eaten his apple or had time to dispose of it. So the beagle got a reward for finding the contraband. No fresh produce allowed Doug!

That wasn’t really a big deal. The next curveball was a bit worse – Doug’s checked luggage didn’t show up. This was despite the agent in Frankfurt confirming that it was check through. To make it worse, United didn’t seem to have any record of the bag… To make matters worse, Doug’s only car keys were in this checked bag… We’d have to wait until Minneapolis to see if maybe his bag had actually flown yesterday. Fingers crossed!

Unfortunately, on arrival into Minneapolis Doug’s bag was nowhere to be found. Even worse, United really had no idea where the bag was. They would have to follow up with Frankfurt and try to track it down. So after getting things squared away, we got a taxi to Jerry’s where my car was located and I gave Doug and Nancy a lift to their son’s place in Woodbury.

From there it was the final leg to my place. I got home around 4 o’clock and am ready for a good night sleep in my own bed! It was a great trip but now I’m happy to be home!